The brand-new series of smart phones

If the fad continues, a lot of scientists believe that by 2015 the variety of mobile users will reach 2 billion, while the number of people who access the Net on their laptops will get to 1.7 per month. Therefore, it is imperative that the searching experience and navigating experience be the most effective possible, in order to please even the savviest individual.

Relocating to the Cloud., Drop box and other modern-day cloud storage devices relieve the process of attaching to your favorite media, including motion pictures and TELEVISION, whenever you get on the go. On the cloud, you can keep together all your favored video games, TELEVISION programs, news, climate, social networking websites and music.

Wi-Fi. This brand-new location of the mobile globe will  continue its constant growth. According to some specialists, we could also see some access factors and routers installed in tablets and cell phones. Moreover, the speed in between mobile devices will raise, allowing for a far better and faster data transfer, and as a result an improved customer experience.

Nokia and Blackberry

New Smart phones. In 2013, we will be  impressed by that will strike the headings. For most of us it will be possibly quite hard to keep up, particularly considering that brand-new phones are revealed on a regular basis. Nevertheless, uag cases in addition to all, two phones are taken into consideration to be most of all else: the one from Microsoft and the new launch from Amazon. On the other hand, will not be pressed away so conveniently because of their brand-new launches: EDGE’s BlackBerry 10 and Nokia’s Lumia 920.

Mobile Video. Lastly, one final trend that will move across all countries this year is the over-the-top video clip fad, which will  make the mobile go worldwide. Increasingly more consumers are abandoning their normal cable television subscriptions for Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, Apple and other excessive Internet sources. Quickly, we may also see smart phones that come with a TV receiver chip installed in them.